Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Skiing on the Ben

Yesterday 'Billy no mates' was without a climbing partner, but with conditions at a seasonal best there was no time to waste worrying about social inadequacies! After a wee study, I felt that by 2pm the snow should have soften in the red burn and provide a great descent, so I left Fort William on my rusty Chariot for the Achintee...but not for a beer;) 
There was lots of folk on the Ben today, even some happy campers who were looking to camp on the summit!! Though pretty crazy (without crampons/axes) these guys did have the sense to take other essential provisions including: beer, beans and bacon- the three camping B's!! At least they would enjoy their last supper!


Even though I left late in the day, the snow remained incredibly hard and the top 300-400m of the top was coated in ice. You can really appreciate just how icy the top was on the video... CCCCRRRRCCCHH!!

 I dropped down the top section of the red burn but shot across to the left side (looking down) giving better skiing due to the burn being so chopped up with foot prints. The descent was fairly steep and very fast giving enjoyable skiing almost until where the tourist track and the red burn meet.  The sky was absolutely tremendous and the clarity was such that the Skye Cuillin could be seen in the distance. I love theWest !!!!

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