Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Conditions prevail on the Ben!!!

After much ale and little sleep the alarm signalled the start of the day.
Today Tristan and I raced up the Allt a’Mhuilinn on possibly one of the busiest weekends of the year to see what we could get done.

Whilst kitting-up in the base of Observatory gully, some bloke came skudding down towards us. This is no place for neglectful footwork, especially when there is plenty rocko bricko neve to contend with. After a 200m slide, the gentleman stopped and thankfully was well enough to gingerly walk down the rest of the gully and off the mountain with only a few minor injuries.

After wiping our bottoms, we continued upwards to inspect which routes were free as despite our early start, a spot of obligatory first aid put us at the back of the queue. Despite the crowds there was plenty to go at. Observatory Buttress looked as prime as I’ve ever seen it and provided a super alpine day out.
Early morning cloud soon lifted and the views were astonishing!! No matter how many times I go up the Ben, every time is a great one. I always feel utterly stoked and in a sense privileged to be born and serve my apprenticeship in the Highlands… no wonder when the surroundings are as such:
Teams were strung-out on Tower ridge and the winding trail up its spine looked as broad as Fort Bill high street… though I wouldn't stagger down that road!!   

Descent was made via No. 4 and the rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the Fort William Mountain Festival which was especially ace this year.  

from Will

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